SITRI focuses on high-tech investments with advanced technology, compelling market potential and high growth, for innovative companies in fields relating to IoT and MtM. Investments are guided by deep assessments of the founding team, business model, and market potential of the proposed venture.

Through the injection of capital, management talent, access to critical internal and external resources and services, guidance in optimizing ownership structure and integration into the industry value chain, we help companies achieve their maximum potential.

SITRI’s Investment Strategy

  • Focused: We focus on the MtM and IoT industries, including sensors, semiconductor engineering, MEMS, and related fields.
  • Experienced: Our deep technical expertise and experienced executive team mean that evaluations of prospective ventures receive the highest levels of assessment, evaluation, mentoring and support.
  • Innovative: Our open innovation engagement model encompasses R&D, industrialization, engineering, consulting and investment.
  • Connected: Our deep connections throughout the industrial supply chain, richly resourced R&D project capabilities, and excellent relationships with institutions and government agencies provide access to a complex industry ecosystem.


Areas SITRI Invests In

SITRI exists to support early-stage development of new products, technologies and solutions in the “More than Moore” and IoT space. SITRI is one of the few places entrepreneurs can go to develop the new sensors, chips and solutions that will fuel the future evolution of the Internet of Things. SITRI looks for investment opportunities where leveraging of the SITRI platform and network of alliances and associations can contribute the greatest value. Areas of high interest include advanced sensors, Optoelectronics, analog chips, RF power, biomedical, micro power, IoT applications, big data, and other high-tech industries.

Value-Added Services

SITRI is not just an investment house but a platform to support early stage innovation and to create a more efficient and effective ecosystem for new venture growth.

All of SITRI’s resources can add value to the new startup, especially in areas such as:

  • Design and Engineering Services: A full range of expertise in design, integration, test, analysis, characterization and market entry to backfill startups’ core team
  • Supply Chain and Operations: Industry services, alliances and partnerships to address the commercialization and ramp challenges facing new companies
  • Operations and Management: Strategic management advice, legal support, human resources, financial management and more needed for company formation and growth
  • Industry Value Chain Resources: Industry value chain connections that amplify the competitive advantages of the investment relationship


Comway Xinwei Fund

Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Institute (SITRI) has teamed with the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIMIT) and Comway Capital Group to set up Comway Xinwei Fund, an industry-specific fund aimed at the “More than Moore” industry. This industry fund will be jointly operated by the three organizations and concentrate on investments in early-, and middle-stage projects in the “More than Moore” industry. The Comway Xinwei Fund’s management team, which will be comprised of senior technical experts in the “More than Moore” industry and renowned investment experts, will have the experience and expertise to fully grasp critical technology development trends for the industry and lead an efficient and professionally run financing organization. This professional investment and industry-focused approach will establish a truly high-return, high-efficiency, low-risk investment fund for the “More than Moore” industry.

One of SITRI’s main roles is to supply the Comway Xinwei fund with a continued reserve of excellent projects, and furnish the portfolio companies with those value chain resources critical to the venture’s early-stage success. These resources include services such as chip design, production process, test platform and product promotion, as well as access to leading fab and packaging technologies. Combining access to resources with strong investment and business mentoring can effectively control investment risk, improve investment return, develop a complete ecosphere of industrialization platform plus industry fund, and thus accelerate the development of the “More than Moore” industry in China.