China’s first 8-inch “More than Moore” R&D Pilot Line Has Been Verified Successfully

Jiading, Shanghai, China – On Dec 1, 2017, the first sensor product from the 8-inch “More than Moore” R&D pilot line operated by Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Industry (hereinafter referred to as “SITRI” for short, an innovation platform dedicated to the development of “More than Moore” industry) passed the verification, officially demonstrating the success of the R&D pilot line.

Currently, the innovation of information technologies represented by intelligent sensor terminals, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and so on is accelerating with the advent of the era of intellectualizing and connecting everything. Among them, the “More than Moore” technology based on sensor as the core, combined with radio frequency, power, micro-power and other technologies, is the foundation to implement the interconnectivity of everything in the future. As an innovative functional platform, SITRI is based in Shanghai, the research and development industrial base for integrated circuits in China, and settles the 8-inch R&D pilot line project in Jiading, to fill the gap in this field in China.

The R&D pilot line focuses on the development of surface silicon, bulk silicon and 3D micro-nano processing technology. According to the technical characteristics of each “More than Moore” product, MEMS, silicon photonics, it also deploys RF, silicon III-V family, 3D integration, MR magnet, power, biological and other related processes and measurement equipment, so that it manages to provide full range of product research and development, small batch production, technical training, equipment verification and other services.

“The successful verification marks China’s entry into a brand-new stage with rapid development in the R&D and industrialization of MEMS and advanced sensors. The R&D pilot line will continue to exert great force in the future, to carry out research and development in the key technical areas of new materials, new processes, new devices, and new systems, so as to further promote the improvement of the “More than Moore” industrial chain and the development of innovative IoT applications.” Yang Xiao, President of SITRI said.

With the world’s leading 8-inch “More than Moore” pilot line project as the pivot, SITRI will continue to build up an integrated functional platform with the collection of research and development, engineering, marketing and incubation to provide a full range of services and solutions for innovative enterprises and partners, and establish a world’s influential science and technology innovation center and a “More than Moore” industry cluster.

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SITRI’s 8-inch “More than Moore” R&D Pilot Line

About SITRI:  SITRI is committed to innovation and industrialization of the “More than Moore” technology and Internet of Things applications. As a global collaborative innovation center, the SITRI integrates R&D, engineering and incubation to provide innovative companies and partners with comprehensive services and solutions. The SITRI has established close cooperative relations with many famous enterprises, universities of higher learning and research institutes both at home and abroad, which will help the SITRI realize the efficient industrialization of innovative outcomes and speed up the establishment of the “More than Moore” technology and the Internet of Things ecological system. For more information, please visit

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