MEMS & Sensors

The main source of value in IoT systems, the capability that gives “things” the ability to sense and respond to the environment, lies in the MEMS and sensors they use. SITRI has advanced MEMS design, process, testing, packaging and application development expertise as well as professional ASIC and circuit design services to provide our customers with comprehensive development support.

Current areas of MEMS and sensor research include:

  • Sensors (optical, inertial, magnetic, pressure, flow, temperature, gas and acoustic)
  • Optical communications (attenuators and switches)
  • Biomedical (inkjet and micro fluidic systems for precise Bio-MEMS solutions)

SITRI – in collaboration with SIMIT — offers expertise in design, simulation, foundry-compatible micro-nano manufacturing technology, advanced packaging technology and system integration. SITRI brings deep industry experience in developing advanced technology and IP for integrated, intelligent, and networked sensor systems for such applications as mobile electronics, smart homes and automotive electronics.

SITRI also offers a full range of production and research capabilities including a 4” MEMS R&D line, and an 8” “More than Moore” R&D and pilot line.


R&D Capabilities and Services

MEMS, Sensor and IC Design and Simulation

SITRI has created China’s first complete MEMS + IC software design platform to support the design efforts of both partners and customers. Using the advanced capabilities of these software tools, SITRI can offer design simulation services covering the full range of sensors (including inertial, optical, magnetic, pressure, flow, temperature, gas and acoustic).

In addition to the MEMS-IC design platform, SITRI has developed an IP database of functional MEMS and IC simulation and design elements to bring rapid reuse and superior performance to the MEMS-IC design challenge.

This database furnishes customers with proven and ready-to-use design elements, simplifying the EDA challenge for MEMS designers and reducing design costs. SITRI can also provide customized services to improve existing IP to meet customer requirements for different applications, with such services as IP retrieval, design data download, IP functional verification and IP authorization.

Specific areas of R&D include:

  • Development of Environmental Sensors: Focusing on the development and application support of environmental sensors, such as high performance pressure sensor, temperature sensor, flow sensor, gas sensor, etc.
  • Research and Application of New Materials: Focusing on the research of novel materials for sensing application, such as the process optimization of piezoelectric material and its application in actuators and filters.
  • Development of Bio-MEMS Technology: Focusing on the development of Bio-MEMS solutions and corresponding applications in healthcare and medical fields.

Specific services SITRI can provide include:

  • Process integration and design consulting: Comprehensive MEMS process and design support, including key MEMS processes (such as double-side aligning, wafer bonding, DRIE and low stress thin film) and corresponding ASIC manufacture.
  • Complete Testing Solution: Capable of wafer level testing of both MEMS and IC wafers, and functional testing of different MEMS devices, including accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetic, pressure and temperature sensors.
  • Development of Dedicated ASICs: Continuous efforts on the performance improvement and cost down of ASICs to meet the evolving demands of the MEMS & sensor markets.
  • Sensor Application Support: Professional expertise to support the application development including hardware, software, firmware and algorithm, with a standard platform for all kinds of sensors.

R&D Roadmap

SITRI’s future R&D in MEMS and Sensor will include:

  • Customized technology and product development
  • Development of sensor fusion solutions, from sensor combo definition, to dedicated MEMS and ASIC development as well as system integration
  • Joint development with global R&D partners to create new classes of MEMS and sensors

Applications for MEMS and Sensors

MEMS and sensors find wide application in consumer, automotive, medical and industrial fields. Consumer electronics is the largest market for MEMS sensors, which includes such popular products as gaming devices, mobile phones and Pads, navigation devices, toys and more. Automotive is also a large market for MEMS sensor. Many sensors are used in vehicles to improve the safety, comfort, convenience and energy efficiency, which includes inertial and pressure sensors for collision detection, vehicle stability control, ride control, navigation, vehicle security, tire pressure monitoring systems and more. Medical and healthcare is the fastest growing market for sensors-based products, including wearable pedometers, activity monitors, fall detection, sleep monitors, blood pressure monitoring devices and more. Industrial applications are generally specialty but high-value applications for MEMS and sensors. More and more sensors with high reliability and accuracy are used for process control, platform stabilization, and accident warning.