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More than Moore Industry Association

“More than Moore” Industry Association

The Internet of Things represents a vast opportunity and “More than Moore” technologies are at the heart of it – making it possible to connect any device and use big data analytics to change the world. To develop and promote these MtM technologies, SITRI established the “More Than Moore” Industry Association, with guidance and support from various national government departments and the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission. The Association welcomes those engaged in R&D and design of “More Than Moore” chip products, including sensors; analog, RF, photoelectric, power, micro-energy, biomedical and micro fluid devices; as well as upstream businesses like design tools, equipment and materials, and downstream businesses including manufacturing and packaging.

The Association focuses on MtM technical fields to advance the development of core industries and promote the integration of diverse technologies. By integrating the upstream-midstream-downstream vertical system and horizontal application resources of the MtM industry, the Association aims to:

  • Facilitate the exchange of technology and market information
  • Explore the development of the “More Than Moore” industry
  • Support with the formulation of industry standards
  • Assisting firms with their technology development strategies
  • Promoting a quicker and better development of the “More Than Moore” industry

More than Moore Association members include:

Within the MtM Industry Association, Expert Groups are being formed to concentrate on different specific areas of development. The IGBT Expert Committee is the first such group, coming together to work on issues surrounding the technology, supply chain, and market development for IGBTs in China.

IGBT Expert Committee Members Include

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For information on joining the “More than Moore” Industry Association, contact:

Phone: + 86-21-69923266-2016/2017


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