Market Access

In addition to helping enterprises accelerate their R&D and production with technology and industry resources, SITRI leverages its strong global network of partners and government affiliations to help businesses explore and enter new markets. SITRI has its own sales team with market access to OEMs and key industry players and can help to establish additional channels as needed. In China, SITRI’s strong government support facilitates access to established, market-leading companies.

To promote market awareness and growth, SITRI also organizes themed exhibitions and product and technical workshops. For example, SITRI’s efforts in promoting the importance of the sensors industry is reflected in its major presence at the Sensors China Expo, among many other events.

SITRI’s aim is to provide value for its partners by assisting semiconductor and related application enterprises to popularize new technologies and new products in China and around the world.

SITRI invites cooperation from companies involved in various links of the industry chain to maximize their commercial value and embrace the upcoming IoT era.