Technology Analysis Services

System Analysis

SITRI performs teardown analysis on a variety of products, including smart phones, wearable devices, smart home technology and other intelligent terminals, providing valuable intelligence such as:

  • Design wins
  • Innovative design features
  • How the product works
  • Suppliers
  • BOM (bill of materials)

SITRI’s large and growing product analysis database serves as a “go-to” resource for industry analysts, fund investors and innovators.


Process Analysis

SITRI engineers draw upon their wealth of expertise in package design, manufacturing and materials composition, providing information that helps clients better evaluate their competitors’ solutions and understand different approaches to circuitry and integration. SITRI’s engineering analysis services cover MEMS, RF, Power, OPTO, and others.

Types of process analysis include:

  • Device identification
  • Package analysis
  • Microstructure analysis
  • Elements analysis
  • Memory analysis
  • Selective de-layering analysis


Circuit Analysis

Circuit Analysis is the most important part of integrated circuit reverse analysis. RCAD™ (Reconstruction of Circuit schematics for Analysis of Design) is an important innovation in circuit analysis which greatly automates the analysis process through direct device imaging with advanced SEM, OM equipment and image stitching using RCAD. Through sophisticated IC de-processing and imaging technologies, the RCAD program can generate an equivalent netlist and layout schematic of the IC and port that into existing EDA environments. This allows SITRI or its clients to investigate IC/MEMS designs for technical benchmarking, design evaluation, or IP use or re-use.

SITRI has excellent circuit analysis capabilities in MEMS, Power, RF, ADC/DAC, PA, and other circuit areas. SITRI’s RCAD service offering is comprehensive, including sample preparation, image acquisition, net list extraction and circuit analysis. With this information, clients can compare their products with similar products on the market.