Silicon Photonics

SITRI’s Silicon Optoelectronics group develops silicon based devices for optical communication and optical sensing, helping to provide solutions on light related control or detection in consumer and industry areas.

SITRI focuses its optoelectronic in these following:

  • Silicon based gallium nitride (GaN) epitaxy materials
  • Silicon photonics devices
  • Silicon optical sensors

Silicon Optoelectronic R&D Capabilities and Services

SITRI has the advanced MOVCVD equipment used expressly for developing 200mm GaN on Silicon and pseudo GaN substrates. With years of experience in GaN on silicon growth, SITRI can provide high quality 200mm GaN epitaxy layers which can be used for RF, high power devices, as well as customized GaN substrate.

8 inch MOCVD Equipment  芯晨-官网图片-small

Through our work on III-V epitaxial growth, SITRI is active in the development of silicon photonics by making highly monolithic integrated photoelectric products, in order to increase information data processing speed, reduce chip size and cost.

SITRI is also developing the optical sensors used for consumer devices and health monitoring, like ambient light intensity detection and proximity detection applied in consumer electronics, industrial detection and smart home.

Emitters on 200mm Silicon