SITRI’s Facilities

SITRI’s initial micro-fabrication capabilities include an 8” MtM R&D and pilot line in Shanghai.

SITRI is dedicated to the development of “More than Moore” technologies, processes, devices and microsystems, and is building out an 8” micro-fabrication line to accelerate this technology development and transfer to high volume production. The R&D line is designed for compatibility with the production capabilities of SITRI’s foundry partners, which ensures seamless transfer from R&D to volume production.

The 8” MtM Fab has over 5000 square meters of clean room space and supports advanced materials and process development and integration at 8” nodes. SITRI’s MtM Fab will also provide limited scale production foundry support for unique products servicing the China market.

The 8” CMOS production line is an integral part of SITRI’s micro-fabrication consortium and provides leading-edge IC capabilities in CMOS logic, RF, analog and mixed-signal technologies. As part of More than Moore and 3D integration, it enables comprehensively integrated MtM development and transition to high volume production, all within the SITRI ecosystem environment.