Power Device

The objective of SITRI’s wide band-gap compound semiconductor program is to develop high quality and cost-effective III-V technologies for next generation power electronics applications, which can be used in LED driving, power supplier, inverters, electric vehicles, aero or space applications.

Through this program, SITRI will create a design, manufacturing, packaging and testing platform based on advanced III-V technologies, demonstrate high-performance III-V devices and produce high quality III-V based products and materials for our customers and partners.

Capabilities and Services

Based on SITRI’s compound semiconductor program, we provide R&D capabilities and services in four areas:

Advanced III-V device design

SITRI’s advanced III-V device design platform includes physics simulation, TCAD modeling, device structure and process flow design, device behavior/SPICE modeling and scalable layout generation. Based on this platform, the completed III-V device process design kit (PDK) can be provided, which can help SITRI and customers to design specific III-V power device products accordingly.

Cutting-edge 8-inch III-V device manufacturing

SITRI is developing the cutting-edge 8-inch III-V device process technologies using SITRI’s micro-fabrication capabilities which include the MtM R&D and prototyping line as well as the CMOS production line. The III-V device process technologies can then be easily transferred to any standard manufacturing foundries, which can help customers to save the development and manufacturing cost with high process quality.

Complete III-V device characterization

SITRI can provide the full characterization capabilities for III-V power devices, which include DC, pulsed I-V, dynamic switching and industrial standard reliability and failure testing.

Customizable packaging and application solution

Various packaging and application solutions can be provided by SITRI to develop III-V power devices for different applications, according to customer’s requirements. Thanks to the close collaboration within the SITRI ecosystem, we can deliver the low cost, high efficiency, small size and high reliability needed to maintain leadership positions in the power device markets of tomorrow.


Integrated III-V power device design platform

For the first time, SITRI has been able to integrate the physics, TCAD, behavior/SPICE modeling and layout generation for III-V power device design in the same platform. This helps SITRI to standardize the device design flow and provide the industrial standard PDK for customers.

8-inch III-V power device R&D platform

SITRI provides the first 8-inch III-V power device R&D platform in China, which can significantly promote the technical research and product development in the related areas.

Easy to use III-V power device product

SITRI’s III-V power devices can be customized to meet various requirements, such as ultra-small size, high temperature tolerance or anti-radiation. As well, SITRI can demonstrate application solutions for III-V power device products, which can help customers to get familiar with our products and reduce their development cost in the system level.


The future R&D of wide band-gap compound semiconductor program will include:

  • Depletion/Enhancement-mode III-V power device technologies
  • Ultra-high speed and high efficiency III-V power device technologies
  • Greater than 600V III-V power device technologies
  • High current III-V power device module technologies
  • High temperature and anti-radiation III-V power device technologies