The SITRI Platform


SITRI provides a complete ecosystem of resources, services and expertise to support the wide range of IoT technologies, markets and applications. The SITRI platform is built on the following six pillars of the IoT ecosystem:

  1. State-of-the-Art Facilities: SITRI’s 8” “More than Moore” R&D fab is a 5000m2 fab near SITRI’s Shanghai headquarters designed to support the development and integration of new processes, materials and structures.
  2. Engineering Services: SITRI’s engineering services include full patent and physical device analysis, research services, and provide expert guidance for IP licensing, protection and negotiation.
  3. Design Services: SITRI offers IP, engineering, design support and full turnkey design service in a wide range of technologies and applications.
  4. Supply Chain and Ecosystem: Leveraging a central role in the electronics industrial base, SITRI works across the supply chain to address materials, fab, process, package, test and industrial design needs.
  5. Market Access: SITRI’s presence in all major markets and strong support of industry alliances gives SITRI customers access to a broad range of potential customers and partners worldwide.
  6. Funding and Investment: Working with SITRI’s own early stage funds as well as other development, investment and industry sources, we provide the critical early stage support for new ventures before they can attract institutional investment interest.