For companies needing full back-end engineering and logistics support for overseas supply chains, SITRI Taiwan offers comprehensive local support for all phases of product and supply chain development.

Areas of direct support include:

  • OEM and Supply Chain
  • Test house including test development
  • Assembly including packaging design and qualification
  • Quality and RMA local support

OEM and Supply Chain Management

SITRI has a good supply chain management system and OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test) partner, allowing us to provide full turnkey or single process (assembly, wafer sort, and final test) service to customers, including capacity reservation, shipping logistics and B2B interactions between supplier and customer.


SITRI can provide full support for test strategy and execution, including the following:

  • Test plan design and generation
  • Test development and debug
  • Test porting onto new test platforms
  • Test correlation and qualification
  • Yield analysis and management
  • Cost reduction
  • Hardware tooling design (probe card; load board; socket; change kits, etc.)


SITRI can provide local support for custom package design and execution, including WLCSP as well as traditional packaging, including:

  • BOM (Bill of Materials) selection and control
  • Yield data analysis
  • Supply chain and cost management

RMA Handling

Any quality or product issues resulting in customer RMAs require expert local support as well as a local team who can respond quickly to customer issues. Using SITRI as your supply chain interface can fill this critical element in customer support requirements.