Bio Technology

The charter of SITRI’s Bio Technology team is to apply the technologies of microelectronics, microfluidics and MEMS technology to applications in biological systems, including drug delivery, point of care diagnostics, bio monitoring, and biomedical research. SITRI’s bio technology is built on the foundation of SITRI’s unique CMOS MEMS technology and microfluidic technologies licensed from global companies, which are based on over twenty years’ of research and development.


  • CMOS MEMS design and manufacturing
  • Silicon and Polymer integrated MEMS structures
  • Thermal-bubble actuator design with active control and sensing
  • Fluidic Cartridge design and integration with MEMS Chip
  • Fluidic formulation and optimization
  • Microfluidic system design, integration and manufacturing

Targeted Applications

  • Bio Dispensing: pico-liter dispensing and Bio material dispensing
  • Drug Delivery: digital inhaler and implantable pump
  • Point-of-care Diagnostics: lateral flow and bio-sensor
  • Microfluidics for Biomedical R&D: Liquid input/output interface and Lab-on-a-chip (LOC)


  • CMOS compatible MEMS process
  • PINP – Wafer-level process for long and narrow microfluidic channels
  • On-chip closed-loop temperature control for flow accuracy
  • Thermal Bubble Pump – enabling low-cost on-chip actuation
  • Inkjet-based ejector with controlled 3-5μm drop size for Digital Drug Delivery
  • Flexible fluid chemistry and integration of fluidic system
  • Commonality, modularity and scalability

SITRI offers fast prototyping service for your ideas with an approach that combines short turnaround, cost-effective manufacturing, and seamless transition for mass production.


To support the entire Bio solution development cycle, SITRI offers the following services:

  • Consultation on product design and simulation
  • Manufacturability assessment
  • Process design and integration for manufacturing
  • Validation and verification of device performance
  • Device specification formulation based on application needs and device performance

Complete System Support

End-to-end service on device design, manufacturing and testing for pure semiconductor chips or fully integrated microfluidics-on-semiconductor devices for P.O.C. (Point-of-Care) and diagnostics applications.