Micro-fabrication Line

8-inch “More than Moore” R&D and Pilot Line

Shanghai is a leading base for the semiconductor industry in China and home to many global enterprises in such industries as mobile phones and automobiles, and as such is an ideal development environment for the global MEMS industry. That is why SITRI has taken the next step in driving the development of the MEMS industry by investing in the construction of an industry leading R&D and pilot line for MEMS and other “More than Moore” technologies.

SITRI’s initial micro-fabrication capabilities include a 200mm “MtM” R&D pilot line located in Shanghai. The line features over 5000 square meters of clean room space, more than 100 installed tools for wafer processing and packaging, and an established suite of micro/nano process flows. The line is compatible with the production capabilities of SITRI’s foundry partners to assure seamless transfer from R&D to volume production. It is an integral part of SITRI’s micro-fabrication consortium and provides leading-edge IC capabilities in MEMS, Silicon Photonics, RF, CMOS logic, Silicon-based III-V, 3D integration, TMR magnetic sensing and IGBT back-end technologies. As part of MtM and 3D integration, it enables the comprehensive integration of MtM development and a rapid transition to high volume production, all within the SITRI ecosystem environment.

In collaboration with leading IC and MEMS foundries, SITRI has also established a consortium of micro-fabrication and R&D lines to partner in our efforts. This consortium enables SITRI, working with our research and industry partners in an open cooperation model, to support new research and advances in materials and sensor prototypes, deliver commercially-ready products to the market, and seamlessly scale up to high volume production.

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 Layout of the process capability

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