RF technology is critical for IoT not only for advanced communications applications, but for other emerging applications such as energy harvesting and millimeter-wave sensing and transmission. SITRI’s RF Technology team brings advanced industrial and research expertise to developing RF solutions for next-generation systems and solutions. Current areas of RF development include:

  • RF front end components
  • RF tunable antenna switches
  • RF energy harvesting
  • mmW (millimeter wave) front-end
  • Microwave/mmW radar

RF/MW Front End and System

RF Capabilities and Services

SITRI focuses its R&D on highly integrated, high performance RF-SOI chips with superior linear performance, low loss and high power capability. An increasing number of RF front-end functions can be realized on RF-SOI wafers, including switches, low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, and other tunable RF components. SITRI’s advanced development is contributing to this integration trend where a complete front-end function can be realized either on chip or in package.

SITRI’s RF R&D team includes expertise in semiconductor materials, device physics, analog circuit design, radio frequency circuit design, and microwave/MMW integrated circuit design. The fully equipped lab allows SITRI to conduct wafer level, chip level and product level radio frequency and microwave tests.

Advanced R&D Areas

SITRI has developed high-quality RF-SOI materials and technology in cooperation with SOITEC, a global leader in RF-SOI wafers, and Shanghai Simgui Technology Co., Ltd., including high performance RF receive and transmit switches for 4G LTE mobile phones, as well as other front-end components.

SITRI is also developing RFICs with advanced wafer-level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) to further reduce the dimensions and parasitic packaging effects to meet the more and more stringent requirements for radio frequency front-end chips in today’s in mobile phones.

Thanks to our cooperation with several domestic providers of antenna and mobile phone solutions, SITRI has also developed RF tunable antenna switches that can withstand high voltage swings.

Through close cooperation with both domestic and international foundries, SITRI has also designed a microwave mmW radar chip and promoted its industrial application to bring it to market.

All of SITRI’s developed technology is “commercial ready” and designed for rapid transition to full production manufacture. SITRI’s RFIC products address applications in consumer electronics, automotive, and industrial markets.