Smart Agriculture

SITRI’s Smart Agriculture practice focuses on base systems technology that can help guarantee the quality and reliability of agricultural products while increasing production efficiency. SITRI’s efforts in this area are developing solutions which combine the latest in sensor and connectivity solutions with cloud based analytics for advanced management of agricultural assets.

These efforts include:

  • Optical sensors
  • Environmental sensors
  • Narrow-range spectrum lighting control
  • Wireless data transmission
  • IoT intelligent data acquisition

R&D Capabilities and Services

IoT Intelligent Data Acquisition

Development of technology that carries out real-time data acquisition using a low power ARM Base CPU plus sensors via wireless (WiFi/GPRS/BT/AGPS) transmission, with the support of a database of biological traits and agricultural data analysis. Addressing different agricultural applications (household, greenhouse, plant factory and open field,) SITRI is creating optimized platform solutions utilizing:

  • Cloud based data collection and quantification system
  • Algorithmic based solutions for optimized plant cultivation
  • Light-based plant monitoring and treatment solutions utilizing LED, sodium lamp, shading film, and light guide equipment

Specific areas of R&D include:

  • Plant Response to Ambient Light Spectrum

Focusing on growth response to lighting applications to address the economic goal of cultivation in artificial and semi-artificial environments.

  • Biological Traits Research and Applications

Focusing on the ability to use biological traits that vary by plant type and growth characteristics to develop new algorithms for unique plant-environment applications.

  • Optical Detection Research and Applications

Optical technology is used for real-time, online monitoring of key parameters and processes during agricultural production: e.g., full spectrum detection equipment, near-infrared flower and fruit ripeness detection equipment, optical real-time detection equipment for heavy metals, pesticide residues and chemical fertilizers.


Small Intelligent Cultivation Technology

SITRI has designed the technology for small and medium-sized IoT automatic cultivation boxes that provide the optimal application and type of light with respect to the plant and stage of growth cycle (seed, germination, growth, flowering, fruiting). The light source consists of multiple groups of narrow-range spectrum lamps, which use a software-based spectrum formula.

Intelligent Greenhouse/Plant Factory Cultivation Technology

SITRI created the technology for an IoT greenhouse modular wireless data transmission device, sensor module, automatic control and cloud database that provides integrated solutions for selected plant species at greenhouse scale. At the plant factory scale, SITRI technology provides a more refined spectrum for lifecycle plant growth and more big data capabilities to account for biological traits.

Intelligent Land Cultivation Technology

Thanks to the combination of IoT real-time wireless transmission with traditional agriculture, this innovative SITRI technology is capable of conducting data acquisition, analysis, monitoring, warning and disaster prevention for the cultivation processes of agricultural products, boosting bare land cultivation, efficiency, and safety.

R&D Roadmap

SITRI’s future R&D plans in Smart Agriculture will include:

  • Customized agriculture control programs for major cash crops
  • Creation of a national database of environmental factors and their impact on agricultural efficiency, productivity and safety
  • Solutions for monitoring and assurance of food safety throughout the growth/value chain