IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things represents a vast opportunity and “More than Moore” technologies are at the heart of it. SITRI has set up this IoT Systems group to help the industry develop custom solutions, define reusable hardware and software platforms, drive development and adoption of hardware development environments, and provide the shortest path to robust IoT solution design. SITRI’s SHOP development platform brings the most highly integrated and flexible development system to the IoT market, with an open and scalable architecture for forward-integration of new sensors, processors, connectivity protocols, and power sources.

Aside from our work on development ecosystem and full IoT systems work, SITRI’s key IoT Systems research areas include:

  • RF technologies such as antenna communication and simulation modeling
  • Sensor application core algorithms
  • Ultra-low power embedded system design

R&D Capabilities and Services

SITRI’s IoT group averages over 10 years of direct industry experience in the development of embedded systems, wireless communication systems, sensor applications, and server platform software. SITRI’s R&D team addresses IoT systems across the following dimensions:



SITRI’s IoT Systems team has designed a wide range of wearable and applications-specific reference design platforms, as well large-scale, wide area IoT systems such a trans-ocean logistic transportation media monitoring system, a smart hospital communication system, a smart cold-chain logistics and store monitoring system, and a smart plant factory aquaculture system. SITRI’s IoT Systems Integration team works with SITRI’s clients to develop custom IoT solutions (including hardware, software, cloud-based applications and industrial design) at the prototyping level and transition to production manufacturing. As we continue, we will add new platforms targeting classes of applications to accelerate development and proliferation of IoT Systems.


SHOP (Smart Hardware Oriented Platform)

For robust IoT design and development, especially when faced with the large scale and fragmented IoT market, a unified design platform is needed to accelerate the development of the industry. The complexity and capital required to build, deploy and promote industrial smart terminal-based products can be considerably reduced by developing an integrated smart hardware reference design, easing design challenges and speeding up time to market. With such an integrated platform, key new technologies for sensors, batteries and wireless connectivity solutions can be tested and designed. A more organized IoT ecosystem, based around this common IoT development environment, accelerates the rise of the industry as well as individual capabilities. For China, this meets the challenges of Made in China 2025 and benefits the industry overall.

SITRI has addressed this need through the Smart Hardware Open Platform, or SHOP. SHOP is a platform open to 3rd party developers to hep create a broad range of IoT and related products and solutions in areas such as wearable electronics, smart agriculture, smart homes, smart communities, and smart infrastructure.


The SHOP platform consists of two parts:

  • A complete smart hardware product reference design platform and PDK for IoT terminals
  • An open and accessible cloud platform for cloud-based analytics and connectivity to smart terminals

Features and Highlights:

  • Complete open smart hardware platform specifically for IoT applications
  • Integrated smart hardware reference design for various application fields
  • Open platform specification for expansion and add-ons
  • A growing SHOP platform ecosphere through SITRI’s IoT alliance members

Business Models

There are several ways to work with the SITRI IoT Systems group to develop customized solutions:

  • Provide complete product and SHOP cloud platform, alongwith training and support
  • Provide develop and provide PCB products and SHOP cloud platform
  • License the integrated product solution and open SHOP platform
  • Provide gateway products and SHOP cloud platform access standard