System on Chip

System-on-Chip integrated solutions (SoC) are critical elements of any IoT solution, providing processor, sensor interface, power, and connectivity solutions which can be optimally designed for specific applications. SITRI’s SoC group conducts advanced research and development of IC design and architecture in these areas, to create core IP blocks which can enable rapid customized IoT solutions. SITRI’s SoC solutions can be broadly applied in such fields as intelligent instruments, intelligent traffic, smart healthcare, security, wearable devices, smart home, and intelligent manufacturing.

Capabilities and Services

The SITRI SoC team focuses on ultra-low power MCUs needed for the smart hardware of massive IoT application terminals and SoC that integrate radio frequency, sensors and energy harvesting. SoC research areas include:

  • Ultra-low power, fast wake up MCU architecture, design method and process
  • Ultra-low power always-on analog IP (100nA)
  • Low cost low drift clock system (<2%)
  • High efficiency NFC/RFID
  • Security



SITRI has developed China’s first 32-bit ultra-low power MCU based on he ARM Cortex-M0+. This MCU provides an integration platform for future functions commonly needed for IoT systems, RF (Sub-GHz, NFC), sensor conditioning, and energy harvesting.


SITRI’s SoC R&D roadmap includes:

  • Ultra-low power (ULP) MCU + NFC: The addition of an NFC/RFID Interface to MCU bus to facilitate dynamic programming of smart hardware for assembly lines, warehousing, repairs or end user applications.
  • ULP MCU + UHF wireless: The addition of Sub-GHz RF transceiver for efficient wireless connectivity.
  • ULP MCU + sensor interface: Development of a reconfigurable sensor hub conditioning architecture, applicable to various sensor interfaces (voltage, current, resistance modulation, capacitor modulation).
  • ULP MCU + RF + sensor + energy harvesting: Development of a wireless sensor network terminal architecture, integrated with energy harvester, to support distributed and clustered IoT systems